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“In his responses, Sues visibly struggles to reconcile the passage with his own beliefs, while rejecting the suggestion that the Islamic teaching ought to be scrapped or updated to respect modern norms about equal rights for men and women. “It is the final word of God. It is the final revelation” says Sues. “The Koran cannot be changed.” In response to Hansen’s questions about the status of women, Sues says “I think a woman’s testimony is valid … It’s a different legal system we have here…“ When pressed to give a direct answer, he says he thinks with “today’s educated women,” a woman’s testimony should be “just as valid” as a man’s. But he went on to say that his opinion doesn’t matter, because it’s inferior to the diktats of Islamic law. “God is above me — I have an inferior opinion,” concludes Sues. “

NB the source. Trying to find something positive. Might very well be fake news.

“Fleeing attacks by the Muslim herdsmen, 262 Christians fled and sought refuge in central Nigeria in a Muslim Ceric’s home and mosque, who is being honored for showing “true brotherly love” to them.

On June 23, farmers who are Christians in 10 villages found themselves under attack, but they found relief when Imam Abubakar Abdullahi, 83, provided shelter and didn’t give in offering them up to the attackers, according to CNN.”