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Extremism in the Somali community of Minneapolis has long been a concern of American counterterrorism officials, as both the Islamic State and al-Qaeda’s ally al-Shabaab have been alarmingly successful at recruiting from the area. The district represented by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has seen more men and boys attempt to join foreign terrorist organizations over the last 12 years than any other district in the United States.”

“The main problem is how many Muslims and, globally, how many Muslim countries interpret Islam. Namely, in a way that basically claims that the Qur’an and the Sunna must be taken literally, and that the way the Prophet lived in the 7th century must be the yardstick for how Muslims should live in the 21st century.”

These uncomfortable truths are important to understand in immigration debates.”

“The Obama administration imitated the strategy of leftist governments in Europe. They too, imported distant Muslims to their countries, precisely in order to disrupt and divide the populace. And to liquidate what traces of a common Christian culture the nation might have.

The plan is clear. It applies wherever leftist globalists wield power. Use arguments of “compassion” as needed to get the Muslims across the border and safely resettled. Then use their presence in Italian schools to demand that the classrooms take down their crucifixes. Use their presence in Britain to suppress criticism of Islam as a potential “breach of the peace.”

Weaponize them as reliable voters for the radical left. Never mind how they differ on issues of sexual politics. What matters is liquidating the old, common Christian culture. The trans activists, the gay libertines, and the Islamists will settle their differences later. For now they’re united by a common goal, as the U.S. and the Soviets were up through 1945.”

The question to ask is what is the benefit for the Dems  supporting Muslims over Christians?

CBN News reported last year that hundreds of Christians were killed in clashes with the Muslim herdsman.

Last June, Fulani herdsmen, who are mostly Muslim attacked six predominantly Christian villages in Nigeria’s Plateau state. Many of those killed were Christians, and they were reportedly hacked to death.

According to the Global Terrorism Index, Fulani herdsmen have killed more than 60,000 people since 2001.

Are you going to hold your breath waiting for Huffington Post, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, and the Southern Poverty Law Center to condemn these attacks?”

“With 66 dead a year on average, Frenchmen are exactly ten times more likely to be murdered by a Muslim than a Muslim being killed by a non-Muslim terrorist anywhere in the Western world. The score is incomparably worse if we look at the situation of Christians in the Muslim world. It is the most egregious example of human right violations in today’s world: according to “Open Doors”, at least 4,305 Christians known by name were murdered by Muslims because of their faith in 2018. Aid to the Church in Need, in its latest “Religious Freedom Report”, warned that 300 million Christians, overwhelmingly in the majority-Muslim countries, were subjected to violence, making it “the most persecuted religion in the world.”

“In remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Thursday that Islamist extremism is “global and growing.”

“It didn’t begin with al Qaeda; nor will it end with the defeat of ISIS,” Blair said.

The “Global Extremist Monitor,” which was produced by Blair’s eponymous non-profit, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, drew on hundreds of English-language news sources that reported on incidents of violent extremism in 2017. There were a total of 7,841 attacks – an average of 21 per day –in 48 countries, it said, with war-torn Syria topping the list of countries most affected by violent extremism. Overall, Muslims were the most frequent victims of deadly attacks.”

“In February the Islamic Circle of North America posted a billboard on the respect, honor and strength of the hijab.

Pamela Geller decided to post her own billboard next to the ICNA’s with a call line to Muslim girls who are at risk of honor killing.

The billboard has a help line for Muslim girls to call if they feel they are under threat from their Muslim family.

The billboard company still won’t run Pamela’s billboards.”

“The full horror of Islamist militia violence in north-east Nigeria has been revealed in a Christian woman’s very personal account of torture, grief and survival against all the odds.

Speaking in an interview with Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, Catherine Ibrahim described how Boko Haram gunmen forced her to watch as they killed her husband.”

When have Muslims assimilated peacefully? What is the longest recorded war? Ask Spain.

“It was reported by church leaders that in the first half of 2018, a staggering 6,000 people had been murdered by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria. The church leaders along with persecution watchdog groups such as Open Doors USA and International Christian Concerns have all said that Christians are being deliberately targeted in these attacks.

“What we have is a genocide. They are trying to displace the Christians, they are trying to possess their land and they are trying to impose their religion on the so-called infidels and ‘pagans’ who they consider Christians to be.” human rights lawyer Emmanuel Ogebe told CBN News in an interview.”


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