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Canadian clinical psychologist and public thinker Jordan Peterson has cast doubt on Islam’s compatibility with democratic society.

“It is not clear to me that Islam would be compatible with democracy,” he said in an interview with Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet. “We have no evidence that it would be.”

He said he’d failed to observe a “positive example of a successful, independent Muslim democracy”, also invoking Muslim countries’ generally weak record on freedom and corruption in international rankings. 

“So there is a fundamental problem that is unfortunately not allowed to be discussed,” Jordan Peterson was quoted as saying.”

“I believe Peterson is correct. Islam is not only incompatible with democracy. It is inimical to America’s fundamental values and principles. More important, it is in violation of the United States Constitution. It is time for the United States to take a pre-emptive strike against a moral and political ideology whose stated goal is the abolition of our political system.

When we examine the application of Sharia law in the West, most particularly in Europe where it is gaining ascendancy, people will come to see a few fundamental tenets about Islam. Its foundation and governing principle is that Sharia law regulates the personal and public behavior of all Muslims and non-Muslims under its governance.  When we think of Islam mainly as a religion, we cannot disambiguate it from Sharia law which, when examined, allows us to see that the legal, cultural and political aspects of the religion supersede the purely private religious aspects of it. World Islam, above all, has become a political ideology.

Sharia law is a weaponized political tool supervening the public sphere that violates every sacred tenet of American life.”

“The number of deaths went up by about ten percent, from 841 last year to 911 in 2019. The overall number of casualties, including injuries, slightly increased by less than five percent from 1,855 (841 killed; 1,014 injured) to 1,917 (911 killed; 1,006 injured) in 2019.”

“Islamist AKP rule in Turkey was another deadly blow for the ideology itself in the Arab world.  A democratically elected Islamist party’s authoritarianism and its practices leveling up to dictatorship have ruined political Islamism’s credibility.  Today, the AKP has imprisoned hundreds of thousands of its opponents, silenced all dissident voices, and more importantly clung to power against its democratically elected rival in Istanbul.  Considering that this party was the model for all Islamist groups in the region, the AKP experience in Turkey had brought Islamism’s end.

Although declaring the end of political Islamism would be mistaken, it is possible to say it was badly bruised in Egypt and Syria.  It has lost the Gulf’s support and sympathy, except Qatar.  What is worse, the Islamists now fear being expelled from Turkey, too.  Sometimes, Ankara gives hints of its readiness to abandon them if there is a good offer.

The Middle East disappointed with both Arab nationalism and political Islam.  The failure of its two main dynamics has paralyzed Arab politics.”

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