My Why: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


My Why-

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Dear Friends,

I lasted blogged about my ‘why’ on Feb. 26, 2018

The last of my children is heading to college. I have enlarged my social media presence. I have become more active in politics. It is time to restate ‘my why’ for my website as I move forward in this next chapter of my life.

Historical Context

My paternal grandfather, Martin, emigrated from Germany in the late 1800’s though Galveston, TX. Martin settled in a small rural Texas town and instilled a profound love of the United States into his two sons. He served on the local school board because of his value of education and as a means to serve his community.

My uncle served in WWII as a pilot, graduated from the Univ of Texas with an engineering degree, and worked in the energy sector. My father, James, served in the Korean war, graduating from Texas A&M with a mechanical engineering degree, worked in the public utilities field.

My parents were married 50 years. My mother’s experience growing up was that Catholic schools provided the best education to children. My father and grandparents, not Catholic, agreed with her opinion. My parents exchanged a larger nicer house, fancy trips, and a bass boat so I (and my siblings) could have a parochial elementary and private high school education.

My teachers throughout my formative spiritual and academic life instilled the infinite dignity of man and service to my neighbor. One loved God through caring for others.

Deo gratis.

Community activism came in high school when I appeared before city council in regard to train schedules negatively effecting morning commuters. I learned journalism under a gifted writer and activism under a skilled orator. Truly, I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Throughout my adult life, I knew I had been blessed by this sacrificial upbringing by so many people. It was not because I had done anything to deserve it but from the tremendous goodness of God. To the best of my ability, I have tried to repay this debt by helping those who cannot help themselves. First, within my own family and friends, and then branching outwards to my community.

My website is my community and you my friends I endeavor to help. In a subsidiarity manner, I branch out to the wider politic. My contribution, as stated in my blog a couple of years ago, is to foster rational dialogue within a theological framework. Hence the Latin name Fides et Ratio.

Truth precedes charity. It is my hope that Fides et Ratio furthers our pursuit of truth and thus foster authentic charity to those we encounter.