Nominalism ‘A rose by any other name would still smell sweet’ VI


Ockham is not a relativist, man not free to do whatever they want. There is a common morality for everyone, just not rooted in how He made us, not in our teleology. However, the disastrous consequence of this idea is moral relativism.

Let’s now consider the two most important names in the Faith: Jesus & Mary.

Birth of Mary Sep 8 This feast commemorates the birth of her who was to be the Mother of the Savior because the Blessed Virgin Mary occupies a unique place in salvation history. Our Lord reserved for her the highest mission ever entrusted to any creature.

& Naming of Mary Sep 12 which the Eastern Catholics help us to understand from their tradition.

Cause & knowledge He effects something about us through these names

[While Joachim was alone in the mountains, the archangel Gabriel stood by him. He said,

“Fear not, Joachim, nor be disturbed by my appearance. I am the angel of the Lord and have been sent by Him to tell thee that thy prayers have been heard and that thy charitable deeds have gone up into His presence. God has seen thy shame and has heard the reproach of the unfruitfulness which has been unjustly brought against thee; for God is the avenger of sin, not nature. Therefore, when He shuts up the womb of anyone, he does so the He may in a more wonderful manner open it, so that which is born may be acknowledged to be the gift of God and not the product of lust. Was this not the case of the mother of thy nation, Sarah, who was barren? Rachel… brought forth Joseph, the mothers of Samson and Samuel

Accordingly, Anna, thy wife will bring forth a daughter to thee and thou shalt call her name MARY. According to the vow, she shall be devoted to the Lord from her infancy, and she shall be filled with the Holy Spirit even from her mother’s womb. Mary shall not eat or drink anything unclean nor shall her conversation or life be among the crowds of people, but in the temple of the Lord. That it may not be possible to say or so much as to suspect, any evil concerning her.”[1]Gabriel went on to say, “All this shall be a sign to thee of the things which I announce: When thou shalt come to the Golden gate in Jerusalem, thou shalt meet there thy wife Anna who, lately, has been anxious from the delay of they return and will rejoice to see thee.”

While in the garden, Gabriel appeared to Anna, Saying,’ Anna, Anna, the Lord hath heard thy prayer and thou salt conceive and bring forth; and thy seed shall be spoken of in the entire world.”[2]

Anna said, “As the Lord my God lives, if I beget either a male or female, I will bring it as a gift to the Lord my God; and it shall minister unto Him all the days of its life.”

Gabriel responded, “Arise, therefore, and go up to Jerusalem, and when thou shalt come to the gate which because it is plated with gold, is called the Golden Gate, therefore a sign, thou shalt meet thy husband, for whose safety thou hast been anxious. When therefore, thou shalt find the things accomplished, believe that all the rest which I have told thee shall also undoubtedly be accomplished.”[3]

Both Joachim & Anna set out for the temple as the angel of God had commanded. Anna arrived and waited for Joachim at the Beautiful Gate. Anna spotted Joachim approach with his flocks from afar and ran to him. Husband and wife rejoiced together that they would be granted offspring. They gave thanks to the Lord. After making an offering to the Lord, returned home. Anna conceived Mary, the single boast of man.   ]

Pious legend, not pat of divine of canonical Scripture, Aug 22 Queenship of Mary

Origin of Mary, who ever does will of the Father, cooperation with God

Joachim & Anne not sin but worked and open to god’s will in their life

Mary is the New Eve, her entrance into the world not only of natural origins. Like Eve, supernatural intervention with Mary.

Hail full of grace, Immaculate conception of birth, then naming. God using them mystically.

Naming of Mary Sep 12 by Ann & Joachim, Naming of Jesus by Mary & Joseph at His Circumcision 8 days after His birth Lev 12:2-3 in accord with the Archangel Gabriel’s instruction at the Annunciation. Mary & Jesus are not random predilections of their mothers. Rather, the names signify their roles in salvation. Jesus named bestowed on Him, the Father, the pater, the inheritance, completion fulfilled in Jesus.

So to, our children’s names, are of utmost importance and should reflect the exalted role as a son or daughter of the Father. We all have a unique mission. Our names are (or should be) a reflection of the person’s mission.

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