Nominalism ‘A rose by any other name would still smell sweet’ VII



The shedding of His blood tied to His naming points to the future fulfillment of the Cross, its sorrowful pain and exultation. Lk 2:21

Liturgy Teaches the Value of the Cross

Exultation of the Holy Cross the greatest evil man ever committed is transformed into the greatest glory Man has beheld September 14

Public veneration of the Holy Cross dates to the fourth century when St. Helen, mother of Emperor Constantine, discovered it in Jerusalem. The feast commemorates the rescue of the Holy Cross from the Persians in the seventh century. The Church sings of the triumph of the Holy Cross, the instrument of salvation.

Commemoration from the Anglican use St. Gregory’s Prayer Book pg 47

O Cross Most blessed, which alone was counted worthy to bear the King of heaven and its Lord.

  1. We adore thee, O Christ, and we bless thee.

R./Because by thy holy Cross thou hast redeemed the world.

O God, who didst will to hallow the standard of the life-giving Cross with thy precious Blood of thine only-begotten Son; grant we beseech thee; that they who rejoice in honoring the same holy Cross may in all places likewise rejoice in being under they protection.

Liturgy Teaches the Value of Sorrow

Profundity of their names Jesus God Saves

Mary Miriam bitterness gilded lily

Loveliness of Mary her name points to her mission of the cross, great cost born by a Savior who loves us

Not cheap grace

Our Lady of Sorrows September 15 Like the title Immanuel, OLOS shows a part of Mary’s nature, title highlighting an aspect of her being

An appreciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s unique role in the Passion of her Son led Pope Pius VII to extend this traditional devotion to the whole Church in 1814. Our Lady is the preeminent example of how to live with suffering; she reminds the faithful of the malice of sin and shows the way of true repentance.

The Role of Angels in Redemption and their Names September 29

Archangel names>> species Michael, Gabriel, Raphael.

From the NO Missal St. Michael (‘Who is like God?’) is the Archangel who fought Satan. He is the protector of all people and reminds the faithful of the real existence of the Devil and demonic activity. He is invoked for protection from the snares of the Devil.

St. Gabriel (‘Strength of God’) announced to St. Zechariah the birth of St. John the Baptist and to the Blessed Virgin Mary the birth of Christ. His greeting to Our Lady at the Annunciation, “Hail full of grace” is one of the most familiar and frequent prayers of the Church. St. Raphael (“The Medicine of God”) is the archangel who cared for Tobias on his journey. Every person on his or her pilgrimage through this life also has a guardian angel. This feast is properly called ‘Michaelmas”.

Mystery why God permits us to know these angels names. Enter into intimacy with them, easier to ask requests of them. Name is an invitation into intimacy.

Names create intimacy, nominalism destroys intimacy creates a great poverty, that modern man will fill. If not with the truth some other way which will bring variety of poor choices.

If reason does not create law, intellect does not control the will for the general welfare or common good, fall prey to those who will rule over us without deference to ourselves. Rule over us for their own interests.

Philosophical concepts matter not circular bantering as Scotus or WOO for no good effect>  we live in material realm way we articulate something effects our lives

Ex/ priest not baptized according to sacramental norms. Nominalist says words do not matter. Realist say the words do matter. Rectify deficient sacraments. Humility guided the priest to quickly remedy.