Overcoming Obstacles I



A Micah overcame a tremendous obstacle, many would find impossible

B Discovered the path to authentic happy regardless of circumstance

C Everyone can learn this path regardless of age or circumstance

  1. Background so fortunate, moved around, born in OR, lived in CO, moved around IA
  2. Family 3 older sisters, 2 amazing parents’ entire life always loved by family, blessing & assurance, close with father
  3. Education : homeschool, Christian school, public school experience, FL Worship ministry studied music for a year
  4. Interests

III. Pivotal Moment in Life

  1. Accident
  • adventure with dad motorcycle trip to AK to visit mom working there
  • dad bought motorcycle July 1, 2013 left to IA, camped each night, beautiful places in USA & Canada, couchsurfing.com Dawson Creek, exciting moment & future AK took 2 weeks, visited mother

-July 22, 2013 Cassiar Highway BC Canada, dad went around corner lost sight of his son

  • dad’s intuition of something wrong, turned around on highway when Micah did not respond
  • laying on side of rode, 20-30 ft from motorcycle, no memory of the accident
  • woke up after a week, in Vancouver mom there, broke his back, heavily medicated
  • paraplegic mid waist down, T5 vertebrae, no feeling from middle of chest all the way down
  • 18 yrs
  • (2 weeks later) on 19th birthday flown to Denver Craig Rehab hospital specific hospital
  • Surprised by lack of shock, did not feel scared or depressed episode
  • first time cry talking to one of sisters on phone, so many people praying
  • FB Pray for Micah page friends created, in FL 2K liked it, many people praying for Micha
  • felt
  1. Journey of Recovery

1 Prayer supernatural provision from so many people praying, felt a peace

  1. Time frame – Aug 6 – Oct 10, 2013 learned what a life in wheelchair would be like
  2. Rehab Denver Craig Rehab
  3. Supports (Then & Now, have they changed?)
  4. Faith- deep prayer
  5. Family- as a kid thought if something happened to Micah, cancer or put in a wheelchair, not so bad, opportunity show circumstances do not have to dictate your joy, had this thought as a child because of the upbringing of his family & reality of Jesus, do not have to fear