Overcoming Obstacles III


The Way of the Cross, the true cost not depicted within artistic representation

Why did God allow the accident? Isn’t God all powerful, could He not have prevented the accident?

Prior question, why did God not prevent Adam from sinning?

CCC #412 But why did God not prevent the first man from sinning? St. Leo the Great responds, “Christ’s inexpressible grace gave us blessings better than those the demon’s envy had taken away.”And St. Thomas Aquinas wrote, “There is nothing to prevent human nature’s being raised up to something greater, even after sin; God permits evil in order to draw forth some greater good. Thus St. Paul says, ‘Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more’; and the Exsultet sings, ‘O happy fault,. . . which gained for us so great a Redeemer!'”

The Cross

Mikah immediate turn to Christ allowed Micah to face his obstacle.

The narratio in its entirety why a good God permits suffering.

Christianity is a unique religion that propose making sense of life. Physics is a wild mystery, spectacular phenomenon, all born with desire to know why  things exist.

Fascinating gift of life, why is there so much suffering. Jesus both an answer and a remedy.

This world is not our home.

Love = free gift of self to the other

In order to be able to love, God must allow possibility of sin.

  • Because many of us chose not to love, evil is introduced into world.

Selfishness or gift of self is the drama.

  • Realization that changed Augustine’s life. He realized evil is not in God, unlike the teachings of Manichaeism. Evil is not in God, but in me.
  • >God creates a good world but includes best of things, the possibility of love. Love includes the free possibility of willing evil.
  • Mystery> how we are allowed to do all the things we do and God still make the story work out the best it could possibly work out.

> The wonder & awe of general judgment, everything will come together

Current Situation

Moved to Texas, offered a job while bringing his radio show wherever he moves.

Hemp Expo, Pure Iso Labs CBD Hemp company

Bought a house, new job in solar light

Profound gratitude