Overcoming Obstacles V



Suicides, depression, anxiety, abusing pets, anger

What would you suggest to those who are suffering?

Observe own grief and suffering or situation that is negative

Step back

Look at from place patience and understanding

Don’t like it but then realize in spite of it, don’t have to be defeated and give up

Dependence on media, leaders, comfortability, entitlement, America given opportunity living entitled lives

Right always others wrong

National arrogance/ignorance crazy fear within the masses

Don’t put so much hope of this portion of existence

Understand span of time, this is just a segment, present opportunity to love neighbors

Sorrow, misery invitation practice chose of love

It is terrible, but how can participate in redemption and remedy for myself and for others

Confront suffering, my suffering in part benefit for my neighbor, learn from it, have meaning, suffering is less

Power in selfless love, give self, distract with neighbor, lose sight of our own misery

We give power to what we focus on, keep mindset, poor me, life sucks rob others best of us

We have so much to give, love, perspective, I can learn from others too

Teachability is reduced in live in place of self condemnation self victimization

Not down playing others suffering but crazy victim mentality live and stay there

Traps and cannot serve others and then not serve self because not giving of self, weird paradox

Fear in the masses, Sacred Scripture about 365 times

Fear is addictive, entrapped, victim, dependent of media, this world is it

Chemical responses like thrill seekers

Difficult to break through fear, belief system

Talking to an addict

Psychological manipulation of masses, orchestrated, civil unrest on top on pandemic, election year

Political psychological manipulation, absolute power corrupts absolutely

Addiction to power and violence, always be the best in the world

Not able to apologize for problems in the past