PETITION: Oppose Governor Abbott’s Upcoming Vaccine Mandate

Despite the efforts Texans for Vaccine Choice has made to gain clarification from Gov. Abbott concerning his position on a Covid-19 vaccine mandate, he has repeatedly refused to elaborate whatsoever on this issue other than to indicate that mask mandates and economic shutdowns will continue until there is a vaccine.

The language he uses in his public statements indicates he is planning to force as much of the population as possible to take the vaccine or else greatly limit their ability to participate in society. Abbott also placed pharmaceutical lobbyist Mike Toomey in a position of prominence on his Coronavirus Strike Force. Toomey is infamous as the driving force behind former Governor Perry’s disgraceful HPV vaccine mandate debacle in 2011, establishing his role as Pharma’s puppet master within the office of the Texas governor.

It is URGENT that we build a coalition NOW of freedom-loving Texans to stand up against Abbott’s upcoming vaccine mandate. Sign our official petition and join us in sending a loud and clear message that we will NOT stand for this blatant railroading of our rights!

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Official Petition Language:
Whereas Gov. Abbott’s own Party Platform overwhelmingly supports the principles of informed consent and vaccine choice,
We, the undersigned, declare our enthusiastic opposition to any mandate that would require Texas residents to receive a Covid-19 vaccine as a condition for returning to work, maintaining/obtaining employment, attending school or childcare, accessing state services, or participating in economic functions:

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PETITION: Oppose Governor Abbott’s Upcoming Vaccine Mandate