Planned Parenthood

Cui bono? “The reality looks a hell of a lot more dangerous in a news story about its troubled Missouri facility, which pro-abortion forces have been using as a poster child for abortion accessibility, given that it’s the only abortion place in the state. Based on stats like these, the place isn’t safe.”


PP & Dark Money “In light of this, it is apparent that aside from the preponderance of the FQHCs, redirecting funds will also represent a big step toward freeing pro-life Americans from indirectly funding abortions at Planned Parenthood (and other abortion-providers) with their non-Medicaid federal tax dollars. Since money is fungible, every taxpayer dollar that goes to Planned Parenthood, supposedly for non-abortion services, frees up another dollar that Planned Parenthood receives — for instance, from private donations — to directly fund abortion.”

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