Planned Parenthood

Enquiring minds want to know.

“Planned Parenthood is not a small business. It is a multi-billion-dollar company. In the fiscal year ending last June, Planned Parenthood had $2.3 billion in assets and nearly $2 billion in revenue. The year before, Planned Parenthood paid its CEO more than $1 million. And now, Planned Parenthood has diverted $80 million from actual small businesses during a global pandemic even though Planned Parenthood knew it was ineligible for this program,” Hawley said. “The ease with which Planned Parenthood was able to unlawfully divert $80 million should concern everyone.”

My this did not age well, RINO Abbott

 AG Calls Nirenberg and Wolff Coronavirus Orders “Unlawful”
“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton warned cities and counties across the state that local laws requiring face coverings and other measures meant to stem the coronavirus pandemic were unlawful. In the letters, which were also sent to Dallas County, Bexar County and San Antonio, Paxton cited an executive order from Gov. Greg Abbott that went into effect this month allowing businesses like barbershops, nail salons, restaurants and movie theaters to reopen with reduced occupancy and, in some cases, social distancing rules…Stricter local ordinances that remained in effect conflicted with the governor’s order, Paxton said. We trust you will act quickly to correct these mistakes to avoid further confusion and litigation challenging these unconstitutional and unlawful restrictions.” This is an example of government overreach, and how quickly it spread to other cities from one liberal city to another.” is a sample source of the text taken from Bexar County Republican Newsletter