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Human sacrifice never ever turns out well.

“This archaeological discovery was a surprise to all of us — we had not seen anything like this before …” said Tulane University Anthropology Professor John Verano, who is one of the study’s authors, in a statement. “This site opens a new chapter on the practice of child sacrifice in the ancient world.”

The researchers note that the ritual sacrifice was “a large investment of resources for the Chimu culture” and hope to reveal more details about the sacrificed children. Other grisly sacrificial sites have been revealing their secrets. A vast array of skulls buried beneath the streets of modern Mexico City, for example, have offered a chilling glimpse into Aztec human sacrifice.”

”We believe racism in all its forms is dangerous, but especially anti-Semitism,” Nancy Pelosi said, addressing the controversy within the Democratic Party as apparent anti-Semitic statements have been made by party members. “But do you know what’s more dangerous? That somewhere out there right now, there’s a woman being denied the right to kill her just-born baby. That’s the real pressing issue of our day.”

“Some 27 vaccines, in fact — and hundreds more on the way — contain some form of aborted human fetal tissue, whether it be cellular debris, protein, or DNA. Beyond those vaccines aforementioned, these include vaccines for polio, shingles, ebola, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and influenza. And sad to say, most parents have no idea that these ingredients are being injected into their children.

The short answer as to why this material is even used to make vaccines is that it makes for easier testing and higher “effectiveness.” But the outcome is the same, regardless: The leftover components of abortions are being injected directly into children’s bodies, just as they have been for several decades.

And contrary to popular belief, these cell lines are not immortal, nor do they persist. They must continually be replenished or replaced in order for vaccines to work, which means more aborted babies. In order to obtain the “best” specimens for a specific cell line, in fact, sometimes several dozen aborted babies must first be hacked up and tested in order to find the “right” one.”

“It should be noted that in addition to financial collapse, socialists, communists, social democrats, and democratic socialists of New York City chose an additional (and unusual) method of self-extinction and losing political control over the city. As it is known, abortion is allowed in New York City until the very moment of birth. Also, many young people who have gone through schools of political indoctrination (formerly known as “colleges” and “universities”) refuse to have children because of “fear of the consequences of global warming.” They are not aware of the wise statement of Margaret Thatcher: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

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