Planned Parenthood

“Planned Parenthood would not have new legislation introduced provided the state administration offered certain guarantees, including an undertaking to rescind already-approved healthcare plans which did not meet with Planned Parenthood approval. “Simply saying that [employer] healthcare plans only need to cover ‘medically necessary’ abortions has been the source of the issue and [this] does not solve the problem,” the email warns. In late April, Planned Parenthood emailed Campbell to “check in on HHS and [the California Department for Managed Health Care] progress, including where you are in the timeline to find a solution in 4-6 weeks?” In an email dated the next day, Campbell responded to thank them for “checking in” on her progress.”

“As part of its ongoing campaign to continue receiving tax dollars to perform its services, Planned Parenthood just released the above graphic intended to assist the organization’s supporters in their discussions, debates, and arguments with pro-life advocates.

The infographic contains what Planned Parenthood calls the “three basic steps” of arguing the pro-choice position: shutting one’s eyes to any evidence presented, plugging up one’s ears to any rationale, and screaming something about “women’s rights,” “patriarchy,” and “choice” at the top of one’s lungs.

“The intention of our carefully crafted argumentation guide is to ensure no pro-choice advocates are exposed to dangerous evidence that might convince them that a fetus is anything other than a part of a woman’s body, and definitely not a unique human being,” Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards said in a statement.”