Planned Parenthood

I expect to see a posse of prelates rushing to microphones to express their approval and gratitude? If not, why not?

“Language referring to abortion was removed from a United Nations resolution on the care of sexual abuse survivors in wartime, after the Trump administration threatened to veto the measure.

U.S. officials said they oppose the UN Security Council resolution on the grounds of a phrase that implied support for abortion, according to the BBC. They threatened to veto the resolution if the abortion language was not dropped.”

“But the reporter willfully ignores a statistically undeniable surge in abortions right up to the legal limit of the 2003 federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban’s threshhold — i.e., “infanticide” — apparently contradicting the Chronicle’s broad claims of “lies” by Texas Republican lawmakers. There’s also an easily verifiable and demonstrably significant increase in cases involving human fetuses (babies) who survive abortion procedures and are killed anyway by the attending abortion “doctor” (an act which is still considered murder in most states). New York, and other far-left states, made history in 2019 by changing their criminal codes to remove the “double-homicide” penalties that normally apply to murders involving pregnant women. Also, state abortion laws in each case were liberalized as well to permit the ranch-style slaughter of human infants that survive late-term abortions.”

Waiting for the ‘from the pew’ postcard thank to prolifer Trump.

“President Donald Trump issued new federal regulations to allow doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to abstain from performing abortions, with the decision announced yesterday to help commemorate National Prayer Day.”

Doxxing.  Skill of the psycho left.

“Pennsylvania Democrat Rep. Brian Sims posted a video to Facebook in which he is seen attempting to get the names and addresses of pro-life teens peacefully protesting at a Planned Parenthood facility.

Sims, the first openly gay Pennsylvania lawmaker, posted the video of himself on Facebook on April 18 as he asked for help identifying the pro-life teens in exchange for his $100 donation to Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania:”

PP Doxxing anyone? “After claiming that this Planned Parenthood is the most heavily protested one in the country, the video cuts to the woman holding a Rosary. “Today’s protester — now, she is an old white lady who’s going to try to avoid showing you her face, but the same law — luckily — that protects her for being out here also protects me from showing you who she is.”