Pope Francis

One doesn’t get elected Pope by being stupid and careless. It is a coordinated event. Not some spontaneous burp. “This action by the pope was not spontaneous or off the cuff. It was carefully planned, scripted, and executed. Let theologians blather on about papal infallibility, the ordinary magisterium, and how this new pronouncement fits into the hermeneutic of continuity. Meanwhile, this pope has an agenda to complete, and what an agenda it has turned out to be.” https://onepeterfive.com/church-nothing-special/

To be fair, Francis did not cause the rift. It has been there for decades. Francis is the dynamite along the fissure.

Yes, Rosica is a cheater. I would have gotten an F, and perhaps expelled for such shabby work. Geeze.

My friends, please don’t watch the Pope’s lips. Watch his actions and the men he surrounds himself with.

“The professor then asked Rosica if Pope Francis himself were not responsible for the “now near total rift” among Catholics.

“If your description of the state of the Church is accurate, must one not conclude that the present pope, so far from carrying out his primary duty of unifying believers, has more than any other single individual contributed to the now near total rift between liberal and traditional Catholics which is putting the faith of thousands of Catholics at risk?” Rist said he asked.


“Argentinean prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation for alleged sexual abuse against a bishop and close personal friend appointed and protected by Pope Francis, according to the attorney general’s office of the province of Salta, Argentina.

The target of the investigation is Gustavo Zanchetta, who was named bishop of the diocese of Orán by Pope Francis in 2013. Zanchetta suddenly fled his diocese and resigned from his office in July 2017, claiming he had health problems that could not be treated in Argentina. Soon he was appointed by Pope Francis to a vague and undefined Vatican position, and came to live in Casa Santa Marta, where Francis himself resides.”


“One thing that this pope and his friends have mastered, the method of methods, is chaos. They create chaos. They don’t do “damage control.” Damage isn’t there to be controlled. Damage, chaos, mayhem, upheaval, scandal, confusion, strife… these are a wave – the bigger the better – being deliberately generated and cultivated to grow larger, intended to entirely sweep away everything that was once the Church. When you are a servant of chaos, you don’t control damage; you ride it like a surfer rides a wave. 

It’s the oldest of old political subversion methods – oddly enough, very popular in the 1970s when the CIA’s favourite hobby was toppling Latin American governments –  when you want to overthrow an established social order. First, you destabilise. You do the spade work, spend a few decades subtly undermining, sowing confusion and conflict. Then you put your man in place – through a coup if necessary – and you sweep away the old guard who might present real opposition. Then you install ideological loyalists and make damn sure they’re the kind whose loyalty you can trust – the kind who fear exposure. Then you cause so much turmoil and havok that your population will accept any amount of oppression in exchange for an apparent return to stability.”