Pope Francis

When have any of these numerous petitions, open letters, dubia worked? Another method is needed.

“Students at the John Paul II Pontifical Theological Institute are using a blog to voice their objections to the changes sweeping their beloved school. The Pontifical Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family was renamed and re-purposed by Pope Francis in 2017. The changes include new statues, the firing of key professors, and the elimination of courses that are strongly tied to the legacy of John Paul II.

The website is called “Gli studenti GP 2 informano” (“The students of the Giovanni Paolo 2 shall inform”) and carries both their letter of protest and an invitation for readers to sign it. So far the students have collected 647 signatures, 434 of them from students or former students of the Institute.

The students founded their blog as a response to the Institute’s July 29 press release, which they believe fell short of answering their concerns. The institute largely downplayed the student’s concerns in the press release. “


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