Pope Francis

“One persistent and widespread story about Bergoglio is that he used bailing out bad priests as a form of leverage over them.

“Bergoglio would call up those investigating, say, a pederast priest and tell them to back off,” a Buenos Aires Church insider told me. “He then would inform the offending priest of his intervention and then use that to extract total obedience from him.” Many such priests were in Bergoglio’s debt.

Some have wondered why as pope Bergoglio has surrounded himself with so many crooks, creeps, and degenerates. But that is no mystery to Argentine Catholics. “He did the same as archbishop,” says one. “He uses their secrets to control them.” It was this nasty management tactic that led Bergoglio into an alliance with Theodore McCarrick and countless other abusers.

Argentine Catholics describe Bergoglio as an ecclesiastical Peron — a ruthless, socialism-addled chameleon willing to tell any lie and try any low tactic to preserve power.”????


“Pope Francis said Sunday he will create 13 new Catholic cardinals next month, 10 of whom are under 80 years old and therefore eligible to vote for his successor.

Francis made the surprise announcement during his weekly Angelus address and said they would be appointed on October 5.” https://punchng.com/pope-to-create-13-new-cardinals-in-october/

Pope Francis has called upon the world to give up fossil fuels, claiming that the climate is in a state of “emergency” and that this has been caused by human activity. 

In his Message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, an ecumenical celebration held on September 1, the Argentine pontiff encouraged the world to adopt “simpler lifestyles” and to abandon fossil fuels.

 “Now is the time to abandon our dependence on fossil fuels and move, quickly and decisively, towards forms of clean energy and a sustainable and circular economy,” he said.

Then he got on his Vatican jet and flew to Africa.”


Don’t planes use evil fossil fuel?

“Pope Francis told a French author that he felt it an honor to be attacked by Americans.

According to Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register and several other reporters, the Argentinian pontiff made the remark soon after the papal plane took off from the runway September 4 en route to Mozambique.  “


How will you jet around spewing nonsense? “The list of businesses, jobs, and families who will be destroyed by the Democrats’ proposed policies is endless. The greatest existential threat to our freedom, prosperity and survival as a great country are journalists, politicians and educators who seem to have no vision of the destruction they are proposing. “ https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/09/how_to_destroy_our_great_country_in_a_very_short_time_start_with_ignorance_of_fossil_fuels.html