Pope Francis

“What is especially disturbing for Catholics is the fact that these networks of sexual abuse linked with occultism reach into our own Church — as Church Militant recently revealed with the case of Cdl. Joseph Bernardin.

However, these revelations of what appear to be networks of satanic ritual abuse give Catholics a broader perspective on the clerical abuse crisis.

It is not as though the Catholic priesthood is ipso facto a degenerate institution or that the priesthood is essentially a haven for moral degenerates. On the contrary, it is very plausible that the clerical abuse scandal in the Church is an extension or “cell” of a wider network of degeneracy and criminal activity that is endemic with the globalist structure that now completely dominates much of the world.

It would further explain why so many powerful clerics in the Church — even those at the highest level — are so deferential to secular authority figures and ready to cave in to any globalist scheme — no matter how detrimental it may be to the Church’s mission.”


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