Prayer Cenacle

Leisure (for the Lord) is the basis of culture

“ Enter into this reflection on mysteries that are in sacred Scripture,” encouraged Bishop Strickland, “to reflect and to pray, to meditate and to take ourselves away from the business of our lives; to refocus on who we are — who God calls us to be — and how the Blessed Virgin Mary throughout history in the Catholic tradition especially has been … interceding for us and asking us to pray.”

“Please join us in this Marian blue wave,” he concluded. ”

FYI Father Moses, as I knew him, is a friend.

“ Fr. Pillari, an American priest currently serving in England, referred to Holy Scripture and the work of St. Thomas Aquinas, who is known as the “Angelic Doctor” because of his well-developed theology about angels. In a video recorded at the second annual Rome Youth Forumorganized by LifeSiteNews, Fr. Pillari recalled that God created angels out of “gratuitous love” as spiritual beings for their own sake and to “live for the glorification of God.”

“ Its scope has increased over time. The often terrifying predictions of Fatima and Akita are balanced by the promise that the Rosary is the weapon by which we can resist the more dire predictions.

In one’s personal struggle which is always raging, the Rosary is just as effective as routing enemy hordes or combating evil on a global scale. Praying the Rosary daily draws one closer into the mysteries of Christ’s life and into a special relationship with his mother which, as St. Louis Marie De Montfort says, is the easy way to heaven. Given how hard life is, most of us could use as much ease as we can get.

The key to the Rosary is not the simple recitation of the words but meditating on the mysterious. This is a critical aspect to its efficacy. Meditation is a higher form of prayer that allows the soul to communicate with the divine beyond mere words, directly into the intellect.

I could wax on about the Rosary all day, but why listen to little ole me when you can hear Our Lady herself describing its benefits to Alanus De Rupe:…”

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Pray the Rosary

An excellent presentation on angels by a friend. Enjoy,