Prayer Cenacle Introduction

Dear Colleagues,

I have a new feature on my website, a Prayer Cenacle. I initially envision it to be a place for prayer requests, those who would like to offer their prayers, testimonies, prophetic words, and articles or videos related to prayer.

I think of it as a real place but not a physical space. It is more than a discussion of ideas but a true union of hearts and souls for the desire of healing. Healing in a comprehensive sense. Healing that would include physical but also emotional, spiritual, familial, in fact healing that encompasses all of the human person.

It is an apostolate in progress. I have a small but spiritually gifted group of prayer warriors. Using the contact or posting under this category is the way to proceed at present.

I am reminded of when I started bringing Holy Communion to the sick and dying. Most of my visits were to those suffering from Cancer. I do not react well to nausea and I worried about those under chemo getting sick and then there would be two indisposed people. The good Lord, shielded me from this. In fact, I never encountered a medical crisis. I learned many things about myself, including to trust in the Lord.

He does not call us to success but confident faith. Mary was blessed because she believed and trusted what the angel said was true.

Augustine was able to make the leap of faith because he trusted that the Lord would supply the necessary help to overcome his temptations.

Why do I have the authority to venture out on this journey? I take the scripture of the prodigal son as a proof test. His Father gave the wandering son four gifts: a robe, a ring, sandals, and a feast.

At my baptism and confirmation, I was given the robe of sanctification. The white garment symbolized the new woman I was, a daughter of the King. It was no longer I who lived but Christ who lived in me. Though I often do not live up to this calling, frequent Confession restores my relationship to my Father. Confirmation built on the Sacrament maturing within me the gifts from the Holy Spirit needed for evangelization.

The ring is a sign of my authority to be an ambassador for Christ. I act in His name to promote the Kingdom of God. What did Christ do? He healed the sick, cast out demons, raised the dead, preached the Good News. I was told by Him to minister to the poor and lost. This is my mandate

The sandals are the means to carry out this mission. Sandals are made for walking and action. One doesn’t give sandals to those who are lying down unable to move.

A feast in the Eucharist is the food that will feed my soul and nourish this effort. It unites me to the Lord and helps me hear His voice more clearly. Your prayers before the Blessed Sacrament are integral to this effort.

Dear colleagues, you too have been given this same high calling. It is not reserved to the few and certainly not just to me. If you & I could see our spiritual selves, as the angels do, we would have an incredible boldness to act in the circumstances of our life as an alter Christus.

+Augustine, ora pro nobis.


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