Prayer Cenacle

“Speaking to about 100 religious leaders and Trump administration officials, President Donald Trump said prayer is the “most powerful thing there is” in which many Americans still believe.

“America will be a nation that believes forever, and we certainly believe, more than anyone, the power of prayer—it’s the most powerful thing there is,” Trump said at a White House dinner on May 1, the eve of the National Day of Prayer.”

“It’s a somewhat alarming truth of the Faith that we are all — every one of us in every station and condition of life — required to attempt the great heights. And we are all given exactly the same means to make the attempt. Every spiritual writer from the earliest centuries to our own time has said the same thing: the means is prayer. Without this key ingredient — the striving of the soul for union with God — even the power of the sacraments is muted. It is only and exclusively through prayer that a soul is made capable of receiving the sacramental grace dispensed by God through the Church. Prayer is the rain that softens the hard earth of our souls to receive the seed of the Divine Sower, the grace of the Holy Ghost.”