RINO Abbott

False premises cannot lead to a true outcome

“ Inconsistent reporting among counties has further muddled the state’s data.

Collin County officials have raised questions about the reliability of data reported by DSHS throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite a continuous string of mistakes, the state has continued to stand by its data reporting.

Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday he has “greater confidence today than I’ve ever had” that the state is reporting accurate results.”

Collin County Pushes for Fix as State Agency Admits ‘Significantly’ Overstating Coronavirus Cases

Lets get real, contacting Abbott & a goodly number of legislators is a time waste. Mobilize with others. Coordinated efforts. Power in numbers. Find good politicians, it is not an oxymoron.

“ It’s wrong to keep us from the people that we have devoted ourselves to taking care of and loving. He’s ripped out our hearts,” Marcy implored. “He’s hurting Texas so bad.”

To top it off, Marcy feels abandoned by her elected officials. “I’ve written [to Abbott] through his Facebook, through his website. I’ve written to other representatives and senators. No response.”

Concerned Texans are encouraged to contact their state representative, state senator, and Gov. Greg Abbott.”

Coronavirus Mandate Stories: ‘He’s Hurting Texas’

Ohio more Texan than Texas

“ Three Republicans in the Ohio House have prepared articles of impeachment against Gov. Mike DeWine (R), alleging he violated residents’ civil liberties with orders aimed at stemming the spread of the coronavirus.

The resolution drafted by three state lawmakers — GOP Reps. John Becker, Nino Vitale and Paul Zeltwanger — includes 10 articles of impeachment against DeWine, Cleveland.com reported on Monday.

The allegations claim DeWine’s administration implemented unconstitutional orders amid the pandemic.

DeWine “has repeatedly proven his incompetence by providing wildly inaccurate forecasts and repeatedly misleading COVID-19 data; and committed misfeasance and malfeasance with his policy prescriptions, which have proven to be far worse than the virus itself,” the resolution states.

It accuses the governor of violating the separation of powers by having the Ohio Department of Health issue orders outside the scope of its authority that are “tantamount to creating new laws” and having the Ohio Department of Education close schools. ”


“ Collin County’s top elected official says he still has no confidence in the accuracy of Chinese coronavirus data being used to set public policy in Texas after a “fix” by state health officials failed to clarify active case numbers.

“And the nonsense continues for another day,” County Judge Chris Hill posted to Facebook on Friday. “There seems to be no rhyme or reason, and no logic, to the numbers that keep coming out of DSHS.”

County Official Calls State’s Coronavirus Case Numbers ‘Nonsense’

“ They wrote me that, and I left because I can’t afford to go to prison. I can’t afford to have charges brought against me,” she cried. “I just am tired of being segregated. I’m tired of all these draconian measures being put on people.”

“People are tired of it,” she added.

Texas Scorecard has sent inquiries to all of the Tarrant County commissioners and the Tarrant County sheriff’s office. This article will be updated with their replies.

Rodgers isn’t the only individual who cannot wear a mask. A woman identifying herself as Jodie testified to that effect to the commissioners in July, and Whitley told her that only a doctor’s note was needed.

A copy of Rodgers’ doctor’s note and ticket provided to her upon entering the county building can be seen here.”

Unmasked Citizen With Medical Exemption Cuffed and Warned

A better question, why is TX going on 5+ Illegal extensions?

“ Why are Austin officials still trying to shut down the city?

Or, to rephrase that question: After government officials repeatedly shut down the city and forced at least 132,000Austinites out of work, and after recent data revealed not only that the coronavirus has subsided locally but that officials made disastrous errors and raised false alarms, why are local officials still insisting on blocking countless Austinites from affording food and rent?”

Austin Officials Have Some Explaining to Do About Questionable Coronavirus Decisions

Why did Abbott knowingly continuously hurt Texans?

“ As Briggs has argued, the most important data is the data for deaths from all causes.  Covid19 attributed deaths are subject to interpretation as either died from or died with Covid19, and death certificates can be misleading because of the attribution of cause (here and here.)  The bubble burst his week when the CDC reported that only 6% of the total Covid19 attributed deaths were from the virus alone.

In contrast to the Covid19 attributed deaths, the number for deaths from all causes is a hard number.  The deaths from all causes number exposes the current mass panic as an historical aberration and confirms the evidence that the mass panic has been engineered by politicians and a biased medical establishment.”


“ Second, we must make clear to our representatives that if they refuse to stand up to the governor and stand up for their constituents by making these demands on the governor, we will not support them in November.

Currently, we have a Republican governor, and we can see the economic and physical destruction he has caused with his executive abuse. Imagine how our lives will be when and if we ever have a Democrat governor.

The time to fight is now! If our representatives are not willing to stand up against these executive abuses, then they have not earned the right to be re-elected to their positions of trust. Texas—as a constitutional republic—hangs in the balance of your decision.”


When will the Texas legislature do its duty, impeach Abbott, call a special session, and put the brakes on the runaway crazy virus train?

“ So the scale of the pandemic ‘problem’ is actually much smaller than we’ve been led to believe – about a tenth of what all the politicians and media have been using to justify the lockdowns, the quarantines, the mass testing. Some may be shocked that the scale of the problem is so much smaller than assumed. But for a seasoned ignorer of any and all statistics that contain Covid ‘cases’, there are no surprises here. The truth is, there was never any reason to be confident in such figures. The FDA has only now been forced to concede that they have no idea how different testing companies determine which the positive and negative tests are: they just accept whatever data they are given.

What these findings bring is absolute assurance that the testing to this point has been an utter waste of time, and that not one statistic concerning this pandemic – from cases to deaths to infection rates – can be believed. But it should not have taken some journalist to ask the right question to discover this: a bit of common sense would have been enough. What is it going to take for these professional virologists to drop their assumptions and models, and just start acting based on the facts at hand?”


“ Regarding Gov. Abbott, the Duartes have a very cool attitude. “We don’t have any positive thing to say about him,” Nely said. “Because what he has done with this order is just to make a lot of conflict … if you can’t wear a mask.”

“He’s also violating our rights because we have the freedom to choose whether we want to wear one or not,” she said. “That’s our choice.”

“We can’t let this keep going and going anymore, because we’re already tired of all this and scared [and] frustrated,” she added. “It’s the governor’s fault and everybody who’s involved in all this.”

Coronavirus Mandate Stories: ‘We Can’t Let This Keep Going and Going Anymore’

“The Democrats’ actions in Pennsylvania are insane and most likely will cost them the 2020 election.  They won’t be able to steal enough votes to stop the massive rebuke of their insane policies. ”

Judge Rules COVID-19 Directives by Democrat Pennsylvania Governor and Crazy Health Director Deemed Unconstitutional

“ We need to immediately return to the Texas model and society as it existed on March 1, 2020, without masks and without restrictions. Businesses open without restrictions. Schools open with teachers and students in their classrooms without masks. Churches open without government restrictions.

And, get the Texas government back into the liberty protecting box in which it belongs!

Since March 13, Texans have been subjected to a series of arbitrary proclamations and executive orders with no scientific basis, restricting the rights and abilities of Texans to congregate, to engage in commerce, to travel, and to associate with family and friends who are in nursing homes.

Restrictions were originally announced as a two-week “pump the brakes” to get a handle on the presumption we were facing a deadly disease with no preventative protocols or treatment options available. Those original presumptions have been proven false, yet we are into month 6 of the draconian measures that are doing greater harm than the illness itself. Texas has paid more than $30 billion in unemployment benefits, companies have gone out of business, schools have lost track of thousands of students, students have irretrievably lost 6 months of learning, and mental health issues are on the rise.

25% Tyranny is still Tyranny -CHR


governors too. “ Donald Trump Jr. has weighed in over Nashville officials concealing the low number of COVID-19 cases in bars and restaurants.

In a Thursday tweet, the president’s son said “The Dem Mayor of Nashville KNOWINGLY LIED ABOUT COVID DATA to justify shutting down bars & restaurants, killing countless jobs & small businesses in the process,” adding “Everyone involved should face jail time. How many other Dem run cities is this happening in?”


“ No Exceptions, No Delays…. Open Texas NOW.”

That’s the call to action of a resolution passed nearly unanimously by the Republican Party of Texas executive committee, urging Gov. Greg Abbott to “immediately rescind all COVID-related mandates, closures, and restrictions” and reopen the state.

Consisting of one man and one woman from each of the state’s 31 senate districts, the SREC is, essentially, the governing body of the Republican Party of Texas, meeting several times a year to do the party’s business, such as organizing convention and passing resolutions.

Rolando Garcia, the newly elected committeeman for Senate District 15 in Houston…”