RINO Abbott

Orange County FL ahead of Bexar County. What happened to ‘Don’t Tread on Me’?

Developing Story:  From Open Texas Facebook site “Please call Gov Abbott! I’m a little concerned that I got through and talked to one of his staff. Does that mean we aren’t blowing up his phone about these masks orders? We need to leave thousands of messages. Maybe you’ll be lucky and talk to a staff member.”

(512) 463-2000‬

I actually got through to a real person and voiced my deep concerns. I think Abbott is all smiles and backdoor shenanigans.  Yet, one call keeps my conscience clear that I followed proper channels while pursuing other more productive means. +

Texans: Contact the conservative representatives on the Joint Abbott Statement and thank them for opposing RINO Abbott. Pray for our state and your city. Voice your opinion. Find like minded Texans. Primaries matter. Masks are a placebo against the virus. Masks serve a valuable purpose for those who want power and control. Fear.

Contacting Abbott is pointless. He does not care about your opinion.

“If these absurd actions are happening here, the responsibility falls soley on Republican leadership….We are left asking ourselves what has happened to Texas?”

Joint Abbott Statement