Rosary & Marian Apparitions Episode 8

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Practical Considerations

Guardian angel finish rosary if unable to do so.

– Put oneself in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Ask for His glorious presence to come and fill the place where you are sitting.

Poverty of our humanity, not an opportunity to sloth, but a frank awareness of our need for physical helps.

– The repetitive nature of the prayer makes it hard to preserve with, harder than say the recitation of David’s Psalms. Humility for the poverty of our condition makes our task easier. St. Therese’ had before her mind that of a small child on the knee of their devoted father (what she had in her childhood). A good father knows the littleness of his child and looks with love on the feeble efforts. God the Father does the same with us.

– Men have rosary in their pocket. Sara’s father had a constant reminder of our Lady. Never far from him.

– Rosary tangible reminder. Catholic mothers put big clunky rosary into child’s chubby hand.

– Lord used mundane things, accessible to all, water, bread, oil

– Give children rhythm Love you God the father, Love you Mary, Love you Holy Spirit on the beads

– Family rosary is not an orchestra, music symphony. Hoped for perfection should not prevent practicing. Orchestra practice room is cacophonous but on stage are sonorous.