Rosary & Marian Apparitions Episode 9



– Distractions, expect them, part of the human psychology, 3 second rule. Swat them away like flies. If more disturbing images come to the mind, take them to a spiritual director. If one is not available, make a public declaration against the thoughts in the precious name of Jesus covered in the healing Blood of the Lamb. Note I have a prayer for Precious Blood on website)

– Ask for graces or mention a particular intention. Focuses the prayer greatly.[1]

We serve a God who desires that all men to be saved. He is not capricious. Enter into this. Believe it.

– Pray Rosary for a year, life will be substantially changed. Do not pray it to obtain consolations but cannot help to facilitate them.

– Say it reverently not as fast as possible, a chore to be quickly dispensed with.[2]

– Realize, in addition to any other people present, the heavenly hosts present as well. Guardian angels, patron saints, Our Lady & Lord, holy souls we know are in the kingdom.

– Use all of your senses. Visual with art, show rosary book, lighted candle for smell, orderly room free from clutter, a cup of coffee (if desired) as if you are sitting down with your best friend.

– Studying Salvation History helps with mental images. Knowing it is about 80-100 miles not knowing exactly which town, 3-4 days that Our Lady took to visit Elizabeth, or 70-90 miles (depending on the final resting spot) to go to Bethlehem makes the prayer more vivid. Studying the Shroud has made the Sorrowful mysteries more meaningful.

– Misunderstood what it is to participate at Mass

– God requires nothing us but our presence, this is sufficient, this is our act of participation

– He longs for us to release our suffering has value to Him.

– Latin words necessitate pondering, English words can cause one to think they are understood perhaps too quickly

– God cannot be outdone in generosity, permits a both/and

Recalling this previous quote, note how our conversation unpacked the Pope’s indications.

John Paul II Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae

#43 I look to you brothers and sisters of every state of life, to you Christian families, to you the sick and elderly, and to young people: confidently take up the Rosary once again. Rediscover the Rosary in light of the Scriptures, in harmony with the Liturgy, and in the context of your daily lives.  

Apparitions assist in persevering in praying the Rosary well. Humility resides in knowing the truth and acting in accord with it.

Harmony with Liturgy, mediating on Our Saviors life leads to greater appreciation, Thanksgiving, and  Eucharist. Never in opposition but as complimentary. I think this is a red herring in our day and time. Maybe for prior generations, not really true today.

Notes not all approved Medjugorje

As an addendum I share this video from Doug Barry.

[1] St. Louis De Montfort Secret of the Rosary (Tan: Bay Shore, NY 2002) 92

[2] Ibid