Snitches “ As deBeor observed, the left is creating a society of rats and cops, and it was inevitable that this would move beyond speech-policing and snitching at universities and other white-collar liberal enclaves. The organized rioters and left-wing paramilitaries taking over Democratic areas is the next step in the process. They are half-serious, half-playing at revolution, but they are already acting like cops — bad cops.

When they shut down roads, block traffic, and harass drivers, they are acting as cops. When they demand people respect their authority and support them, they are cops. When they disrupt neighborhoods just for the fun of it, they are cops. When they detain people, they are cops. When they beat people down, they are cops. When they kill people and celebrate it, they are cops.

They are everything that is wrong with the worst of our current police, but with even less accountability and restraint. They are organized, persistent, and convinced they should control the rest of us. They are a self-appointed committee on public safety, making arrests and handing down sentences.”