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“The far left media will not report this success but it means more than just being number one. By drilling more oil in the US, the US economy benefits and billions of dollars remain in the US rather than going to terrorist regimes around the world. President Obama had a policy of preventing oil drilling in the US and this only prevented the US from being energy independent from oil producers elsewhere. It made no sense unless Obama wanted to keep the US poor and dependent.”

If auto union workers have figured out who is their ally, maybe, maybe other people will as well.

“The United Auto Workers (UAW) union is invoking President Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” platform in its efforts to urge consumers to boycott GM for outsourcing U.S. manufacturing and American jobs to Mexico, China, and Poland.”

Not a poll watcher but this is significant considering the sources.

“Overall, more than three-quarters of Americans — 76 percent — approved of the president’s speech, according to a CNN poll taken right after he finished.

CBS News, in a similar survey, found that 72 percent of Americans supported the president’s message, with 59 percent in the CNN poll saying it was “very positive.”

Is the teen boy going to be doxed? Will jack booted FBI come banging on his door at 2 AM? No congresswoman you are not the future. Pearson is. “Pearson has been blogging about politics since he was just eight years old. He has been a popular and fierce supporter of President Donald Trump, despite growing up in a Democratic family.”

Republicans growing a spine.

“On Wednesday Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel filed a grievance against Elizabeth Warren with the State Bar of Texas.

In the letter, Chairwoman McDaniel requests disciplinary action be taken against Warren for lying and failing to correct a misrepresentation she made on her Texas Bar registration card where she identified as “American Indian.”

I noticed this too. “In the clip, Sinema is seen standing and applauding Trump while all her fellow Democrats near her sit stone-faced and not applauding. Rosen slowly stands up right next to Sinema and with a sideways glance appears to mutter, “Watch your ass”, at Sinema, then sternly looks away. Sinema acknowledges Rosen with a defiant nod and stays standing. Sinema and Rosen are both freshmen senators having been elected last November.”

And what did the gals in white do at the state of the union when the Trumpster announced lowest unemployment rates for Latinos & Blacks? “President Donald John Trump now has officially done more for Chicago in two years than Barack did in eight. Mind you, Chicagoans blocked Donald Trump from campaigning there when a gang of thugs led by Bill Ayers — Barack’s political mentor — bullied and threatened those who wanted to attend Donald Trump’s rally. The Donald canceled to avoid violence. Now thanks to President Trump’s America First policies, Chicago is adding 500 manufacturing jobs — the very jobs that Barack gave up on.”

Tip of the iceberg. Neighboring chapel has installed locks, security keypad, and cameras. Why? Because they want to safeguard the parishioners attending.

“Both New Mexico’s senators are Democrats, as are all three of the state’s Congressmen, as is the governor and the mayor of Albuquerque.

The Journal editorial notes that Trump offered a compromise only to be ignored by Democrats not interested in negotiating on a wall out of spite: “…rather than come back with a counter, the Democrats – including our own delegation – insisted on playing politics, rejecting it out of hand because of their dislike of Trump.”

Bravo to law enforcement.

“During the three-day effort, dubbed “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild,” detectives arrested 339 people on suspicion of solicitation.

The statewide operation involved 93 agencies and hundreds of undercover officers who posed online as teenagers to intercept predators.”

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