Soaring Eagle

United we are strong. Divided we are weak. Who prospers from keeping us divided? “Most delightful of all: This crowd transferred their love of President Trump into love for America. Sheeple no more.”

“Explaining the connection, Fabrizio Galli said, “The parallelism with the dominant character of Warhammer 40K has never been more fitting, except that this is not a futuristic three-dimensional tabletop wargame but pure reality.”

“Donald wants to go back to the moon, travel to Mars and create the first space army,” the website said. “…The time of intellectuals, philosophers and of old and worn culture is over.”

The float included multiple moving parts, and featured Trump’s head adorned with laurels, a sharp claw, and a Twitter sword that was inscribed with the words “Dazi Vostri,” or “your duties.”

Soros article. When Soros is worried, it is probably a good thing.

“The Alabama plant will be the company’s second major expansion following the imposition of steel tariffs. The company restarted two blast furnaces at its mill near St. Louis last year. U.S. Steel said the electric furnace and related casting equipment will cost about $215 million and will add about 150 workers to the existing 750-person workforce.”

HRC is the best thing for reminding us of ‘what could have been’. However, the radical socialists seem to find other characters to put before the populace. MAGA. “And things kept getting worse. Ticket prices for their event in Texas plunged to just $6. Seems no one is interested in hearing them tell “stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers in public service, while also discussing issues of the day and looking toward the future,” which a press release promised.”