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“It’s not just suburban women; Trump also gained support from younger voters, Hispanics and weekly Wal-Mart shoppers.

“Another interesting area where President Trump gained ground was with Hispanics (40% approve/57% disapprove) and African Americans (24% approve/70% disapprove). Both groups’ job approval rating of Trump increased the most in months,” Zogby reported.

NB the source. “Now, here’s the brutal truth for Democrats: If Hispanic Americans are in fact showing surging approval of Trump, he could be on his way to matching or exceeding the 40 percent won by George W. Bush in his 2004. If Trump does 12 percentage points better than his 2016 numbers with the growing Hispanic vote, it pretty much takes Florida, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina off the table for Democrats, who would need to sweep Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to reach the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House. At the same time, that 12-point shift would give Trump a clear shot at winning Colorado and Nevada, states where Hispanic voters make up well over 10 percent of the electorate and where Clinton won by 5 percentage points or less in 2016.”

“And right on cue, the dominos started tottering. It sounds like the Cubans are taking courage from Venezuelans as they seek to “take back” their democracy and are deciding that that’s a great project for themselves to pursue, too. What’s more, the Venezuelans have arranged it so that they are winning – they are calling all the shots on how they take the democracy back, they have a built-in government waiting for the transition, and they are rallying the international community of nations behind them. They also mobilizing civil society for the great mission of distributing aid to the hungry and destitute ravaged by socialism, which is a great thing for the country’s trashed social capital, and focusing on rebuilding the country. That frankly looks like a winning plan, and people recognize winners – and they follow.”

“In an announcement Tuesday, Fiat Chrysler executives revealed their plans to reopen the Mack Avenue II engine plant in Detroit by investing $1.6 billion into the site to convert it into a manufacturing plant for the company’s Jeep Grand Cherokee and a new three-row full size Jeep SUV. The investment to reopen the plant — which was shuttered nearly seven years ago leaving hundreds of American workers laid off — will create 3,850 U.S. jobs.”

The Dems have a big problem. So what do I expect them & their lackeys the dinosaur media do? Winning at all costs, regardless of the means or who is injured is all that matters. I got that memo.

“Democrats running for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination are going to have an increasingly difficult time convincing Americans that their vision of a top-heavy, government-run, socialist economy is superior to the free-market, capitalist juggernaut that their rival, POTUS Donald Trump, has built.”

“Initially, researchers attributed the change to warmer weather, wetter climate and the fertilization from added carbon dioxide, but Rama Nemani, a research scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center, said that the new data showed that “humans are also contributing.”

Nemani pointed to China’s programs to conserve and expand forests and India’s cultivation of food crops.

“Now that we know direct human influence is a key driver of the greening Earth, we need to factor this into our climate models,” she continued. “This will help scientists make better predictions about the behavior of different Earth systems, which will help countries make better decisions about how and when to take action.”

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