Not an epidemic, not an emergency. Cui bono?

“ Latest data show recoveries from the Chinese coronavirus continue soaring statewide. Out of Texas’ population of over 29 million, 3,958 have tragically died from the virus, and nearly 175,000 have recovered.

As of Monday, recoveries continue rising and deaths are low in Texas’ urban counties.

Texas Coronavirus Update: Estimated Recoveries Up 30 Percent

“ The general public and businesses both seem largely unaware of medical and disability exemptions from the mask mandate, as well as the existence of those who the exemptions are in place to protect.

“[The Americans with Disabilities Act] prohibits businesses from asking about disabilities,” said healthcare lawyer and former State Rep. Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving). “A business is risking liability if they ask anything beyond whether a disability prevents them from wearing a mask.”

Mask Mandates Put People and Businesses ‘in a Tough Position’

 It is not too late but the day is far spent.

“ Hotze then asks Paxton to reconsider his actions and oppose Abbott.

“Ken, it’s not too late to do the right thing and stand up for our Constitutional rights. When Abbott violates both the Texas and U.S. Constitutions, you are obligated by your oath of office to oppose him.

“Thank you for taking time to read and reflect on my perspective. It is shared by hundreds of thousands of conservative Republicans.”

Hotze is seeking to undo Hidalgo and Abbott’s orders in multiple courts. ”

Hotze Calls Out Ken Paxton for Siding With Democrat Mayor in Mask Mandate Lawsuit

West is a true Texan. “ In an interview on Lone Star Politics on Sunday, West took aim at Gov. Greg Abbott’s long string of executive orders in response to the Chinese coronavirus, which have shuttered businesses and threatened individual liberty.

“One of the things that I believe in is the rule of law and that we are supposed to be governed by our elected officials and not ruled by our elected officials,” said West. “I’m not too much a fan of executive orders, edicts, mandates, and directives.”

Though West conceded the executive powers have some role in immediate emergencies, he said, “You have to come back to the Legislature if you want to continue to send out orders.”

West also voiced his disapproval with Abbott’s statewide mask mandate and called some of the restrictions levied by government officials “draconian.”

Newly Elected Texas GOP Chairman Allen West Stands up for Monuments, Opposes Mask Mandates

Why is RINO Abbott letting the highest COVID death official into Texas?

“ Cuomo also helped Houston set up two additional testing sites.

This Is Disturbing: Killer Cuomo Helps Set Up COVID-19 Testing Centers in Florida, Texas and Georgia

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