Texas “ In a prepared statement, Dr. Courtney Phillips, executive commissioner of Texas Health and Human Services, praised Texas Governor Greg Abbott. With his “strong leadership, we continue making significant strides in improving access to women’s health and family planning services in Texas.”

Abbott, a Catholic, has championed many causes dear to the hearts of the faithful. In addition to promoting a state-wide policy favoring childbirth over abortion, he also advocated for the state’s right to display the Ten Commandments in front of the state capitol.

After Houston city attorneys tried to subpoena hundreds of sermons from five Christian pastors fighting anti-discrimination homosexual legislation, Abbott signed into law a bill that prevents such actions on the part of government.

He spoke out against the Supreme Count ruling that said prohibitions against same sex marriage was unconstitutional. ”


“ The petition has garnered some 1,402 signatures, just shy of their goal of 1,500. The petition explains that the event is funded by the university but contradicts A&M’s core values of respect and excellence.

“The dress and actions of these performers are disrespectful to women, with men portraying women as objects of sexual exploitation for the entertainment of the student body,” reads the petition. “The actions of this event do not promote excellence of the student body, but instead foster a climate of degradation.”