Texas Right to Life

Texas Right to Life describes the 10-day rule as “the number of calendar days a vulnerable patient or her surrogate is given once a hospital committee declines to continue providing life-sustaining treatment to a patient, contrary to the patient’s expressed will and medical decisions.” In short, Texas Right to Life says the law allows a hospital committee to end “life-sustaining care” even if the patient—or his or her parents or guardians—objects.

In Fort Worth on Friday, the 2nd Court of Appeals granted a temporary injunction sparing Lewis’ life until a full trialThe court added the 10-day rule is “likely unconstitutional,” and its days could very well be numbered. The court concluded that the 10-day rule provides inadequate due process protections and that Tinslee Lewis’s and her family’s civil rights were violated by the decision to end her life.”

Appeals Court: Texas’ Anti-Life 10-Day Rule ’Likely Unconstitutional’