The Stone Cutter IV

Theme & Motivation

Reading Bible 45 years, two men identified with man rescued on eastern shore of Lake Galilee & apostle Paul

Their lives hugely identified

Story: boy in dysfunctional, a lot stories family difunctional, abandoned by father, Petra/ Raqmu. Growing up in foster family, mentor relationship

1st century Petra

Tale of passion, possession, and poison on ambition

Looking for love, to be love, and to others and to make a name for himself. Does it through dangerous means.

Loses everything, losing his sanity at the need.

Meets different mentors in his life.

Based on true story, many of his know. Not exact end.

He is ultimately rescued. Realistic look to be rescued in life. Can come to a place know the Lord Jesus Christ, life changed in dramatic fashion, not a bed of roses afterwards.

Persecution surrounding us, and more a part of life.

Pernicious idea, grace is not cheap. Pg 95 & 149 (all page numbers from hardback copy)

Pick up cross and follow Me. Throughout history experience of the saints and all those who follow Him. Not to be taken lightly or cheaply.

 Pg 95 one ingredient of success is the firm loyalty of a patron. God almighty.

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