The Testimony

Enquiring minds want to know. BTW, where is the investigation of Vigano’s claims from Aug 22, 2018?

“I am praying intensely for the success of the February summit. Although I would rejoice greatly if the summit were successful, the following questions reveal that there is no sign of a genuine willingness to attend to the real causes of the present situation:

Why will the meeting focus exclusively on the abuse of minors? These crimes are indeed the most horrific, but the crises in the United States and Chile that have largely precipitated the upcoming summit have to do with abuses committed against young adults, including seminarians, not only against minors. Almost nothing has been said about sexual misconduct with adults, which is itself a grave abuse of pastoral authority, whether or not the relationship was “consensual.”

“If Martel writes the truth — and there is no reason to believe the contrary, since he is certainly not a conservative homophobic moralizing and hypocritical Pharisee — some considerations are in order.

First: Even though the seminarians were not minors, if a person is hierarchically in a high position and holds the power to decide the fate of one of his subordinates and sexually harasses him, it is no longer a question of sex between consenting adults; this is a form of violence. Now we have learned that this circumstance does not seem important to the pontiff — or at least not important enough not to favor and use the abuser until this connection to him becomes too embarrassing, and then sacrifice him to public opinion.

Second: It is now months and months waiting for an answer: Did Viganò lie or not? It seems that, according to Martel and the entourage of the pontiff, Viganò has told the truth.”