The Testimony

Francis, you should have resigned, disappeared, and prayed. Now it is too late.

“Newly released letters vindicate Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò, proving that Pope Benedict imposed restrictions on Theodore McCarrick and that Cdl. Donald Wuerl knew of these restrictions, in spite of his claims to the contrary. They also prove that McCarrick ignored those restrictions.

Correspondence published Tuesday by Msgr. Anthony J. Figueiredo, former personal secretary to McCarrick when he served as head of the archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey, detail the extent of the penalties imposed by Benedict.”

Yes bishop, Francis is a liar. John Allen, where is your correction about the pinch of salt snipe? My friends, see how widespread the vile corruption extends?

“ Archbishop Viganò said: “What the Pope said about not knowing anything is a lie. […] He pretends not to remember what I told him about McCarrick, and he pretends that it wasn’t him who asked me about McCarrick in the first place.”

“In a curious coincidence, the release of the pope’s interview coincided with the publicationof leaked correspondence confirming that McCarrick had indeed been sanctioned by Pope Benedict in 2008 and that others, including Cardinal Donald Wuerl, knew about it.

Commenting on the report, Archbishop Viganò said that the correspondence demonstrates that the Vatican knew that McCarrick was sharing a bed with seminarians. “McCarrick admitted it,” he said.

“To defend himself with the Pope, McCarrick said he never had sexual relations with anyone, but that he slept in the same bed with seminarians and priests,” Viganò said.”
13 times. 13x. To collaborate the Superhero Vigano’s claims, those responsible would be condemning themselves. This heinous cover-up and cooperation is wide, deep, and long standing both within and without the institutional Church.

“When Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò originally released his 11-page testimony in August 2018, Pope Francis stated that he would not dignify it with a response. Yet on May 28, Francis finally broke his silence claiming that he “knew nothing” about McCarrick. This apparent contradiction has set off a firestorm of commentary in the Catholic media. With each passing revelation, Abp. Viganò has been vindicated time and time again. Complicit Clergy has been tracking news which appears to corroborate Viganò’s original allegations. At last count, there are no fewer than 13 occasions in which Abp. Viganò has been vindicated:”

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