Traditional Latin Mass Survey


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Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) Survey

5 years ago, quantify feeling interiorly TLM, vehicles, prove what is happening

2018 first study NO vs TLM 7 questions

2 different religions

Mass Attendance especially after Covid

18-39 yrs 98% attendance TLM, go out of town, find a Mass

West Point about 40 cadets

Annapolis about 60 midshipmen

Coast Guard finding TLM & Merchant Marines Holy Innocents in city

TLM is masculine, militaristic vibe, marching towards God

Not just military

Confirmed Catholics, fighting for the Church

Military life & Religious life similarities natural Law order, peace, purpose

2 Surveys compared

Birth rate demographics role over if not prepared

TLM upwards, older women in TLM contracepted, younger women never contracepted

60% bigger families now

Large family during Covid been a substance so many people to depend upon

49% male, 51% female

57% responded as male, traditional Mass attractive more masculine

8% is phenomenal uptick, not marginal

Future Research Efforts

Fr. Tony Dorsa comparing theological beliefs of priests who prefer TLM to Novos Ordo

Wide gap of theology

Chancery official, I believe TLM is the future of the Church


Fruit is with TLM