Triduum: Annunciation Pt4

Important devotionals

Lenten Retreat in community

Personal readings & private prayer

Stations of the Cross = much to be meditated, public setting, important small recreation via dolorosa, walk with Him in the crowds be with one another, gives us knowledge in addition bring into life of meditation during lent. Take time to ponder, in the garden

14 stations ponder one a day,

Lectio divina, put in the scene, be with Him. Can be Simon, Veronica, ladies who are weeping, in many ways we are those characters. Small manual of Christian accompaniment

Evolved over time, sometimes we cant get to Fridays as often as one would like

EWTN lithographic Vincenti, and accompanying booklet Alphonsus Liguori with Stabat Mater

Fruitful meditation

Prayer before the crucifix, plenary indulgence with usual satisfaction

Deep scriptural meditation, microcosm pivotal moment in Our Lord’s life

Laser focus into His great struggle, needed our Lady’s flesh to suffer and die, poignant moment

Garden until it is finished

Profound walk with Him. Put ourselves under Our Lady & Holy spirit. Must be fruitful

Triduum Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter

Life, death & resurrection purchased for us our eternal salvation

Holy Thursday, unity of priesthood, transition to garden

Mystical stripping away of the altars, total emptying of the Church, prepare ourselves what is to unfold

Grace builds on nature. Christ knew that. Apostles experience in their natural senses in what Our Lord was about to do.

Our Lord moved from tabernacle, adored in garden, put a way Good Friday Service every catholic knows life is there in the tabernacle. Walk in the church it feels cold.

Fire lit on Holy Saturday, restoration of warmth and life restored in the heart of the Church, anticipate, need something tangible, light, big candle carried down center aisle, feel anticipation her savior is about to come.

Great Gloria, Alleluias, all comes together, viscerally.

Christ reveals man to himself, JPII. Take means and opportunities to get us there.

Church suffered for 40 days. Church gives us joy 50 days to rejoice.

Suffering always accompanied with restored joy.