Trump 2020

“ 5. Donald Trump is, by any objective standard, the most successful president in my lifetime: He caused the economy to soar, spectacularly reduced joblessness, brought real hopes for peace in the Middle East, secured America’s border, did not start any new wars, reduced medical costs, improved the VA, moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, appointed stellar legal thinkers to the courts, beat China back, renegotiated trade deals to America’s benefit – and that’s the shortlist. How can this man lose?

  1. If Biden wins, I will no longer consider us a democratic republic. Instead, we will be an oligarchy. The oligarchs will be the Tech Tyrants, their partners in the media, and the permanent, unconstitutional bureaucracy we call The Swamp. Oligarchies did not work well for ordinary people; they work well for the oligarchs and those who do obeisance.

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