Trump 2020

“ Domestically, Trump is making a strong play for the votes of Indian-Americans, a group reckoned to number close to 5 million, and growing rapidly — 38% between 2010 and 2017.  Recall that his stadium rally in India, called “Namaste, Trump,” is a mirror of the “Howdy, Modi” rally in Houston, attended by at least 50,000 Americans, mostly of Indian descent.”

“ In America and in India, we know that we are all born for a higher purpose: to reach toward our fullest potential, to work toward excellence and perfection, and to give all glory to God,” he said.”

“ The statement emphasizes President Trump’s campaign promise during 2016 to pursue a final end to the ceaseless, never-ending conflict.”

President Trump Prepares Afghanistan Peace Deal To End America’s Longest War