Trump 2020

“ Trump’s fast, decisive, and serious action, taken in the smog of the Democrats’ impeachment stunt, has saved America from Italy’s, Iran’s, and South Korea’s high casualty and big shutdown fate, saving America lives.”

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“ Despite being the incumbent, Trump is still having monster rallies across America. Moreover, in several of the above states, while Republicans could well have sat this one out, they made the effort to vote for Trump.

People aren’t bored with Trump; they are still thrilled. No matter the hype on the Democrat side of the race, it turns out that many Trump haters are happier to tweet their discontent with Trump and their support for one candidate or another than they are to make the effort to vote.”

“ In 2018, the Department of Justice shut down the leading site for online sex trafficking.  The DOJ prosecuted a number of violent crimes.  That now is a record number.  In the last three years, ICE has arrested over 5,000 human traffickers.  And I want to thank ICE.  They have been incredible.  These are great, great people.  (Applause.)  Great.  Great people.  They’re tough, they’re brave, and they love our country.

More Migrants Deported than Apprehended at Border over Last 5 Months, Say Feds

Overseas, we have also seen historic prog- — really, progress, incredible progress working with us and using our intelligence with them.”