Trump 2020

Trump Imagine if the Dems has worked for the people in building the wall and spotting the China virus instead of impeachment. Can the Dems be prosecuted for gross negligence?

“ The United States would be in a much worse position to combat the coronavirus if President Trump hadn’t implemented a series of reforms surrounding immigration, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan said this week.

“Look at where we’ve come because of this president, because of this administration, because of the tools, including the wall … We’re much better positioned now today to handle another threat to our country today through infectious disease,” Morgan told Fox News during an exclusive interview on Thursday.”

Trump’s policies, border wall have been critical in containing coronavirus, CBP chief says: ‘We’re much better positioned now’

“ This is going to be the summer of sunlight for them: Sunlight that kills the Wuhan virus and, if Attorney General Bill Barr and Inspector General John Durham have their way, sunlight that exposes the Democrats’ and Deep States’ attempted coup against President Trump.

Judging by the Democrats’ political conduct of late, they think the Wuhan flu has benefits for them. They’re holding hurting Americans hostage in an effort to get their leftist policies enacted through the medium of a relief bill. They’re also hoping that a recession will hurt Trump because so much of his presidency has been premised on a strong economy. Ordinary people, however, would rather have jobs than play politics. That’s why we’re starting to see protests all over.”