“ Pope Francis has an extraordinary track record of promoting perverts to positions of power. Does he know they’re perverts?? Of course he does! That’s why he promotes them, because then he has power over them! He has the dirt on them and can manipulate them.

The list is huge and constantly reported on. It’s not a secret, yet no one appears to care.
ZanchettaPagliaCoccopalmerioJames Martin, Thomas RosicaCardinal “nighty-night baby” TobinMcCarrickRiccaBarrosFarrell, it goes on and on and reveals a pattern of promoting perverts.

A new papal appointment is perhaps the most shocking yet and it reveals much of Pope Francis’ strategy.

Who better to explain what is going on than Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò? The heroic Archbishop’s latest missive, confronts the Pope’s “devious strategy” to bring about “reform that is irreversible”; reform that cannot be undone by future popes. This latest “masterful deception” will see to it that Cardinals made in the image and likeness of Francis will exercise considerable power and influence over the next conclave. In fact, the Dean of the College of Cardinals will be the former right-hand man of Cardinal Angelo Sodano, accused of covering for the most notorious clerical sexual predator of the 20th Century: Legionary of Christ founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel.

Why would Francis promote someone connected to the orchestrated cover-up of the worst priest predator in history?

As former papal nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Viganò is in a position to know the players, the past cover-ups and the modus operandi behind this Machiavellian coup d’eglise, and I am confident the Vatican has considerable cause for concern over this damning testimony.