“ This time Viganò has written in solidarity with Cardinal Joseph Zen who, not unlike Viganò himself, has become the target of Vatican bullying and the strongarm tactics so typical of Team Francis.

Remnant readers are aware of the debacle involving the Holy See’s sellout to the Chinese Communists, signed in 2018, at the expense of the persecuted Chinese Catholics who long ago were driven underground for their fidelity to the true Church of Jesus Christ.

In defense of his persecuted flock, Cardinal Zen maintains that the Vatican has “done everything and more to deliver the Chinese Martyr Church in the hands of the Enemy.”

“ Francis released a Thursday video message with his March prayer intention for “The unity of Christians in China.”

He encourages Chinese Catholics to be “truly Christians” and “good citizens” who promote the Gospel, “but without engaging in proselytism,” whatever that means.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government keeps closing churches so that Catholics are forced to pray on the street (pictured). The persecution of Christians has increased since Francis made his controversial deal with Beijing.”