Voter Integrity

“ All that’s going on here is rigging — ballots left lying around, ballot finding their way through the mail service — and out of the chain of custody – ballots being sent to illegals who were “mistakenly” registered to vote. Illegals being pressured to vote at their doorsteps (we know where you live) by union-thug ballot-harvestors, and other politically motivated operators, and a curious pattern of every vote now, no matter what it starts out as, flipping to the Democrat side by the end of the month-long count, a funny coincidence.

It’s rigged. Not for the voters, as is claimed, but for the Democrats who run the voting apparatus, who take their sweet time to ensure they get exactly the result they want, every time. Operations like that involve taking their own sweet time all in order to get the pre-ordained result.”Read more:
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Glad there is a paper trail. A good test run for November.

“ Dallas County officials are seeking a recount of the March 3 primary results after discovering that an unknown number of ballots were not initially counted.

In a petition filed late Friday in state district court, Dallas County election administrator Toni Pippins-Poole said her office has discovered that ballots from 44 tabulating machines were not accounted for in the election results reported by the county on Super Tuesday. It’s unclear how many ballots were missing from the county’s tally of votes.

The issue turned up after county officials were unable to reconcile the number of voters who checked in to cast ballots at some polling places and the number of ballots received from those sites.

The tally of ballots had been compiled from flash drives that were turned in to the county, and the county initially believed it had received all ballots from the 454 vote centers, Pippins-Poole said in an affidavit filed with the court.”

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