Voter Integrity What’s in it for me? II

Temple TX training to be a Poll Watcher, activists across the state, sell out, 100 registered. Last Friday, Bexar County training, sellout crowd, people highly concerned about lawlessness that passes for voting protocols.

III In the United States, elected representative government. Not democracy, flawed men founders fathers, divinely gifted.

Every point of authority resolves back to an elected position. Law enforcement, judges (crooked or honest), law makers (or law breakers), the ability to conduct business (or not), ability to own property (taxes), the ability to drive a car, or buy food, freedom of worship (or prohibited as many churches have found out) absolutely everything when considered resolves back to an elected position, to a vote.

IV If elections are reasonably fair how does that manifest in communities?

  • lower taxes

  • safer, lower crime

  • high percentage of people vote, not as cynical

  • harmonious population, people have a way to air problems without destroying their homes

  • services to taxpayers are responsive because politicians are voted out

  • Patriotism, love of country encouraged

  • term limits occur as a matter of course human nature wants a change

V Is this what you see in your community?

To a degree, narrative Anti-American there is an encouragement of voting, do get to participate of process, many people complaining, if didn’t vote, don’t complain

Manipulation seems rampant with 2 party system seems inadequate to capture American neighborhoods