Watergate & Spygate

“How is Nixon saying that the CIA tell the FBI to back off worse than the Obama DOJ and FBI using the Hillary-paid-for dossier to try to beat Trump, and then to remove Trump, and having the FBI clear Hillary?

Nixon was trying to protect his men from criminal prosecutions for a stupid breaking and entering to steal DNC records.  Nixon did not have the DOJ, FBI, and CIA investigate George McGovern, the 1972 Democratic nominee.  Obama’s DOJ and FBI used the courts to obtain warrants based on the Hillary-paid-for dossier that they knew was not verified.  They intentionally failed to inform the FISA court that the information relied upon for the warrant was unverified — and bought and paid for by Hillary.

In the Nixon case, the FBI did not stop its investigation.  At worst, there was a discussion of an attempt by having the CIA ask the FBI to stop.  But the CIA refused.  At least Nixon’s CIA, unlike Obama’s CIA and DOJ, had integrity.

The Obama-Hillary gang did not merely “ask.”  You cannot get more active than by filing four applications for warrants, not based on probable cause, to a FISA court, and trying to insert informants.”


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