What is Safety? Episode I


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  1. Fr. Kloster’s Bio

1.)  Fr. Donald Kloster is a priest of 25 years incardinated in the Diocese of Bridgeport, CT and ordained to the priesthood in 1995.  He is a native Texan and graduated from the University of Texas in 1989 with a BA in Economics.  He has his MDiv degree from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, PA.  He is two hours short of an MA in moral theology and completed his Master’s thesis on the death penalty.

Fr. Kloster spent two years at the Benedictine Abbey of Disentis, Switzerland before the priesthood and was a missionary Pastor of a large poorer parish in the Archdiocese of Guayaquil, Ecuador for 7 years.

Fr. Kloster has completed two National Surveys on the TLM (February 2019 & May 2020).  The First Survey was 1773 samples of TLM Catholic Adults on 7 survey questions in 16 states.  The Second Survey was TLM Catholic Adults 18-39 with 1779 samples on 14 survey questions from 39 states.  Both surveys show unprecedented Mass attendance, a surging birth rate, and faithful adherence to Catholic doctrine.

  1. Sermon where you mentioned on the word safety as a commonly used word with consequences

Dog whistle of sorts 2011 crept in

1993 Novus Ordo Missal securi, costodiat/protect us and bring me

2011 Novus Ordo Missal securi, costodiat/safe and safe

1962 TLM Missal             securi, costodiat/secure and preserve

What does it mean to be safe? Stay holy, be holy. Safety secular idea. Vaccine. No vaccine for a virus. Misnomer of safety. Only in heaven.

I started reflecting on how the word safety has been used as baton to usher in many sweeping societal changes that I have directly impacted my life. These changes are seen in the playground equipment, homemade snacks in preschool, increasing costs to big ticket items like a car, and inconvenient travel on planes.

PPE protective equipment, many ways into person eyes and nose, not completely safe.

Safe Sex. No such thing. Sex, marital, man & woman, babies. Anything else is immoral destructive to human soul.

III. Definition Safety = the condition of being safe

Etymology[1] French word sauf derived from the Latin word salvus

Salvus= uninjured, in good health, all from the PIE[2] (Proto-Indo-European language) root ‘sol’ whole, well kept

Safe[3] (adj) c. 1300 AD = 1. Not exposed to the threat of loss or injury,

synonyms = alright, secure; antonyms= imperiled, threatened

From the root, I see how unstainable a proposition it is to promote a notion safety in a fallen world.

In the world no such thing as safety. In heaven yes. No sign of peace in nave, only in sanctuary.

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