What is Safety? Episode III


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The solution to safety whether it be face masks, playground equipment, and global change is Christ. Christ is the measure of Truth. He is the only way possible of making sense of what is true. Reason formed in His light gives rise to just laws which balance personal liberty and community safeguards. Christ is not the privileged way; He is the only Way.

Liturgy as Teacher, in Persona Christus

One of the truths that Christ reveals is that the earth is both a spiritual battle ground and that is passing away, it is not our true home (Jn 14:3 Jesus prepare our place). Battle denotes an unsafe terrain with mortal dangers.  Mat 10:28 (Fear him that can destroy both body & soul in hell)

Knowing our telos, end, enables us to have rational, reasonable expectations. St. Peter warns of the roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Pt 5:8) Paul talks about a true spiritual battle between the forces of light and darkness battle and the spiritual armor of God (Eph 6:10-18) battle is spiritual. The most effective means of countering the Enemy is the sacramental life. The liturgy can help us understand the role of holiness as opposed to safety for the Christian life.

Safety in terms of liturgy, safe haven, protecting us from worldly cares.

Ex/ Attorney recent attendee of Latin Mass, how much effect on him, profound deepening of faith. Beautiful to hear. Whole world open to him, refuge of Mass that he did not have in Novus Ordo.

Barque of Peter, Church within her bosom is ‘safety’.

Parables goes into the house, the Church meaning of parables, within the church kept, custody is found. Boat & storm, Christ & Our Lady.

Secret Prayer, speak to those baptized in faith. Catechumens don’t understand, do not have grace to have mystery unfolded.

St. John Bosco dream. Barque of Peter left Holy Communion, Right Blessed Mother Mary, safe haven from dangerous ocean.

Fr. Phillips mesh, constructed in nave, catch the fish. No net in sanctuary, fish already caught.

Face mask proliferation of ordinances and regulations try to give a type of safety apart from what matters Jesus Christ.

Proactive, head off dangers. Crusades not immoral. Muslim stole lands of converts. Crusades reclaim, protect progeny, serve Christians. 40 million Coptic removed from their land.

Sozos, Greek word, rabbit hole, not Prosperity Gospel, Cana wine is abundant, healings are not thin

Chesterton, a miracle is a man with 2 legs, superabundant, miracles Lord profound big and small.

He loves us, based on truth, not based on subjective norms.

Concept bring ourselves to doorstep of salvation. Use past, present, future. Stay true to the end. Saving us into His bosom. Give Him every reason to save us.

Holiness, virtue, gives both the beatific vision and the best hope in this life happiness, which all men desire. Fewer laws are needed because the people are self-governing.