I too have heard this lament many times. My Garden Of Graces show is an antidote to this failure.Thomas Kinkaide 1992 Victorian Garden Luminism

Twelve years. Twelve years in Catholic school, and my son thinks it is enough to be a ‘good person,’ and he doesn’t practice anymore.” That was the pained lament of one of my closest friends in the parish. In economics, they call that a negative return on investment. I would call it an expensive failed effort at catechesis; our local Catholic school ain’t cheap.

I have heard lots of stories like this by now. Let’s say I don’t have a whole lot of Millennial friends at church. Gen Z isn’t looking super-enthusiastic, either.

Her son, their sons, their daughters, the kids of my generation, went to our local Catholic school, one of the best in the entire country. At least, it’s one of the best in relation to the only relevant statistics: college entrance and standardized test scores.

Everyone who goes there gets into college. A good college, even, most of the time. The school’s “focus” is on “preparing every student to succeed — and lead — in a dynamic, connected and competitive world.” Sounds good to me. Christ did command us to be leaders in a dynamic, competitive world, after all. Sure, the kids don’t practice Catholicism anymore, but they were super-duper-ready for college.”


“Gregory responded “In our society, people can be ‘proven guilty’ by innuendo or by common conversation.”

“As far as I know, no one who has been a victim [of Rossi] has come forward and identified themselves and said specifically ‘I was harmed.’”

A follow-up question noted that Rossi has been accused of directing young men to Fr. Matthew Reidlinger, a priest friend of Rossi’s who is alleged to have sexually harassed them in phone calls and text messages. That accusation was made in 2013.

Gregory said he was unfamiliar with the allegation.

“That’s news to me. And I am not doubting it, but I have not heard about [this situation].”